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Bulk SMS services

Promotion of anything is not a cake walk activity. One has to toil hard enough to come out with best promotional strategy. However we shoulder the responsibility of tabling state of art promotional services.

We with years of experience we have specialized in SMS, Bulk emailing and promotional database providing services. We in fact take pride in being rated as the most efficient marketing services company in Delhi, NCR (India).

bulk sms services providers in india

For us, promotion means appealing mammoth target audience with the prime intention of expanding the client’s customer base. We believe in catapulting the conversion rate. Wanting to make a new mark in your promotional acumen? Then we vouch to be one stop destination wherein all your expectations and needs of promotional forte are transpired by incorporating out of the box and enticing promotional services

The strength and back bone of our company is the assiduous personnel who input their creative talent and come out with attractive, eye catchy and appealing promotional content. The presidium team of qualified personnel has immense knowledge of all the promotional services which they weave together and come out with appealing promotional services at competitive prices.

We understand the aura of cut throat competition and thus make sure that all our promotional services appeal the mind and soul of the clients instantly. Our talented personnel synergize bulk SMS resources to optimum advantage of your business penetration. We believe in client satisfaction and all our actions and policies are client centric.

So what exactly we do and how our services have an extra edge over the competitors? We incorporate out of the box marketing techniques and make use of leading edge technology to ensure that all SMS communication for the clients reaches directly to their targeted customers (instant and guaranteed delivery). All our techniques are drafted and designed in such a manner that we ensure that all the SMSs land up to the inbox of the targeted uses instantly without any scope of error.

We work by one core idea to generate more sales leads and also to enhance your business growth by multiple times using right communication techniques. Promotional bulk SMS are a medium to direct powerful marketing to the target in such a manner that aids the organizations to inform, educate and engage their end users so that goals are reached and desired profits are earned in the long run.

So where we excel in our work as compared to our competitors? We as a team focus to represent the business of the client as an established brand name and leaves no stone unturned to enhance the creditability level of the enterprise amongst the market place.

But still a million dollar question that strikes in the minds of every clients is that WHY YOU and WHY NOT OTHERS???
The answer to this is simple. If you want to have cost effective and state of art promotional services (Bulk SMS Provider India) that catapults the business to new heights, then it is WE who vouch for. Other aspects that make our services stand apart are innovative promotional services, cost effective methods to spread your business, trusted server and advanced strategies to ensure quality communication and easy account activation to kick start the promotion process.

We have industry experts who make use of updated and technically advanced methods of marketing and communication for its clients in India and International. Also when it comes to transactional SMS services we are more careful as under this category all the messages are informative and thus our team ensures that there is no error in the content of SMS. Banks, retail stores and live events etc. make use of transactional SMS services to update the target users about the sort of transactions. Also our industry experts keep a vigil on changes or modifications in the TRAI guidelines and rules and accordingly our service standards are updated.

Our Company (Core Web Networks) is rates as one of the best company in India because we guarantee advanced and most updated line of solutions for the exponential growth of the client’s businesses.

Email marketing is another acumen where we excel and thus table in powerful promotional email marketing solutions. We keep track of latest trends and imbibe them with promotional email packages so that our clients are benefited to the fuller extent.

All our promotional services are designed, crafted and weaved to render cutting edge solutions to our clients so that desired profits are earned in long run.

Types of SMS messages you must know

Is your cell phone flooded with SMS messages? If yes then you ought to know what SMS means and what it is all about. The term SMS message is sort of fancy, technical lingo for any sort of text message. Over the time SMS has become a powerful tool allowing professionals to communicate and share information more quickly and efficiently.

However if one is aware, there are many types of short messages services that are as follows:

  1. SMS: Plain SMS or the “Short Message Service” is what is meant by “text messaging”. Here message is transmitted to another person via mobile phones. The system works through cellular communication where you send a message to a phone number. This type of message has a limit of 160 characters.
  2. MMS: This type of messaging is same as SMS only with the only difference that multimedia can be attached to the text. MMS means “Multimedia Message Service” where picture and video is sent along with the text message.
  3. Texting apps: It is an instant messaging apps that can be downloaded to the smart phones thus allowing one to send the texts for free of cost such as What’s App or Snapchat. Though free to use all the messages are charged as per thepart of wireless internet plans.
  4. Phone specific messaging: There are certain messages that are specific to phones as they require special application that is specific to certain types of phones like I message for I phones, BBM messages for black berry etc.
  5. Premium text messages: These types of messages are commonly used for mobile subscription services say for television voting or for ordering ring tones, themes or music. In order to sign up to this service one has to make sure about the frequency of the message and how often one will be sent with these messages along with the cost.
  6. Funny SMS: Another form of SMS messages that are frequently received is the funny or jokes messages. These messages are not meant for advertising or any promotional effort but they are just meant to entertain the reader.
  7. Informational message: Certain messages are sent by the government to inform the public about certain issues say for e.g. informing the public about election, reminding them to vote and making them realize about the social cause etc.

MS messaging has emerged as the back bone in the marketing arena. Organizations are resorting to various SMS strategies to inform their target audience and lure them in the positive manner.

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